Application Form

All applications to Hackney New Sixth Form must be returned by Monday 8th April 2016

Please download and fill in the application form and return it to
Mr. B. McGowan, Director of Sixth Form/Assistant Headteacher,
Hackney New School, 317-319 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DL
or fill it in electronically and email to

hackney new sixth form students

All applicants will be called for interview in March and April 2016, subject to Hackney New Sixth Form receiving an appropriate and satisfactory reference from the applicant’s current school, including details of attendance, punctuality and any record of a Fixed Term Exclusions (FTE). In addition the reference should indicate the applicant’s academic ability for his/her chosen courses and other relevant information. Letters to applicants will be posted in early January.

Furthermore, those applicants who wish to present themselves as Music Scholars (students with exceptional musical ability) will be invited to perform an audition and an interview on a specific day in March/April with the Music Department and the Director of Sixth Form. The instrumental or vocal piece could be one that the applicant is currently preparing for GCSE or ABRSM. The date for Music Scholar auditions is still to be confirmed, but applicants/parents will be informed by post and the school website will be updated with the relevant dates and times.

Those students/applicants who are offered a place at Hackney New Sixth Form will be informed in April/May 2016, after interviews have taken place (in March/April 2016). All applicants will be informed by post. There will be a deadline for confirmation/rejection of the offers and parents/students are reminded to pay attention to this date and return the confirmation slips (attached to the letter of offer) promptly. Offers of a place at Hackney New Sixth Form will be based on the applicant’s predicted grades meeting our own entry criteria, for General and Subject entry (please see the relevant page on the website) and/or Music Scholar ability (after auditions).

Any applicant/parent who wishes to appeal against a negative decision on the offer of a Sixth Form place should contact Mr. B. McGowan and a date in April/May will be set to hear all appeals.

Hackney New Sixth Form promises to look fairly at every application that it receives. Applications that are received after the deadline of Monday 8th April 2016, will be given due consideration, but there is no guarantee of being offered a place at Hackney New Sixth Form.

Mr Brian McGowan
Director of Sixth Form/Assistant Headteacher

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For any enquiries regarding admissions to any primary or secondary school in the London Borough of Hackney, please contact:

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London Borough of Hackney: Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy
As part of its Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy, the London Borough of Hackney is committed to:

  • Reduce the number of people travelling to school and college by car and increase the numbers walking and cycling.
  • Improve the information that parents and pupils have about the different ways they can travel to school/college.
  • Improve the safety of routes to and from schools/colleges in the borough.
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of children in the borough.
  • Improve accessibility to, from and between schools and colleges in the borough.

The Council has a duty under the the Education and Inspections Act 2006 to produce this strategy. The Council wishes to promote active, healthy and safe access to schools and colleges in the borough.