KS3 Art and Design

Year 7

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Drawing skills

  • from Kentridge to Lichtenstein

Key Terms
Tone, tonal range, line, linear drawing, free-hand, observational drawing, shape and form, still life drawing, shadow,
scale, grid, composition, texture, abstract, non-representational, mark making.

Painting skills

  • Early 20th Century (Richter, Pollock, Matisse) versus Street Art (Basquiat, Haring, Banksy)

Key Terms
Primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours, colour wheel, complimentary colours, palette, colour theory, colour swatch, hues, bold, abstract, symbolic, colour similes, (non) representational, collage, political commentary, mural.

Sculpture and the built environment

  • from Anish Kapoor to Zaha Hadid

Key Terms
3 Dimensional, carving, casting, built, constructed, found, figurative, human form , pose, structure, conceptual, skyline.

Year 8

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Surrealism versus Cubism

  • painting and 3D

Key Terms
Dreamlike, surreal, unconscious mind, texture, imaginative thinking, collaborative work, shape, absurdity, juxtaposition, fragmentation, sum
of destructions, pictorial rhythm, non-objective.

Spirit of Revolution 

  • Dada and the Bauhaus

Key Terms
Representational, non- representational, collage, anti-art, irrationality, chaos, photomontage, juxtaposition, agitprop, industrial design, typography, layout, modernism, performance, sound art.

African Textiles and the Memphis Group

  • Yinka Shinobare and Ettore Sottsass

Key Terms
Bold lines, geometry, repeat pattern, tessellation, digit
al print, textile design, Memphis Group, contrasting colours, mosaic, spiritual and cultural representation, contextualise.

Year 9

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Mondrian and the de Stijl Movement

Key Terms

Shape and space, neo-plasticism, proportion, composition, rhythm, sculptural, geometric, use of the grid, mathematical, primary colours.


Conceptual Art and minimalism from Sol Lewitt to the YBAs

Key Terms
Contemplation, minimalism, object-based, concept, (anti)-elitist, post-modernism, contemporary art, found objects, installation art.

Photography and Architecture: Daido Moriyama and the city

Key Terms
Straight lines, sharp angles, darkness, contrast, depth of field, fractural, textural, tension, composition, cityscape, urban environment, observer, observed.

All students will become very familiar with the following key terms, relating to GCSE Assessment Objectives 1-4 : describe, explain, prioritise, evaluate, brainstorm, project brief, experiment and refine, visual diary/record visually, contextualise, cultural understanding, analyse and critically reflect.