Key Stage 3

Years 7-9 / age 11-14

For the first three years, pupils are taught a broad academic programme, including:-

  • Mathematics which is taught daily
  • English language and literature
  • Science: biology, chemistry, physics
  • Modern languages: two foreign languages (French and Spanish) commence in year 7
  • Music: students have the opportunity to play an instrument and study musical theory and composition from year 7, supervised by dedicated tutors

In addition, we teach a range of other subjects as part of a diverse educational program, including:

As an introduction to ‘The Core’ at KS4, HNS teaches Core at KS3, which includes religious education and citizenship.


Key Stage 3 Level Ladders

HNS uses level ladders to provide examples of questions that could be asked, or knowledge that should be understood, at different curriculum levels.

Please view the level ladders for the year 7 and 8 courses this term.