KS3 Spanish

Year 7

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

1. Yo y mi caracter

  • Introductions and greetings

  • Classroom commands and asking questions

  • Phonics

  • South American countries

  • Numbers 1-31 and ages

  • Animals and colours

Project work: Animal profile
Grammar points: Gender and definite articles
Authentic and cultural material: Animals in Spanish-speaking countries

1. Mi tiempo libre

  • Free time activities

  • Opinions

  • Conjugation -ar verbs

  • Stem-changing verbs

  • Weather

  • Sports

  • Spain/South American countries

  • Future tense holiday plans

Project work: Conjugation song/sport and weather Spanish speaking countries
Grammar points: Conjugation of -ar verbs, stem-changing verbs, jugar/hacer
Authentic and cultural material: Film clips, Spanish speaking sportspeople

1. ¡Bienvenidos a mi cole!

  • School subjects

  • Likes and dislikes

  • Teachers (descriptions and personalities)

  • Classroom activities

  • Food and drink in school

  • Comparisons to Spanish speaking schools

  • School of the future

Project work: Action Aid - Education in Central America
Grammar points: -er/-ir/-ar verb conjugation, me gusta/me gustan, articles, adjectives, future tense
Authentic and cultural material: Central America

2. ¡Que horror!

  • Brothers and sisters

  • Days and months

  • Dates and birthdays

  • Alphabet and spelling

  • Mexican traditions

  • Haunted house

  • Adjectives

Project work: Add to animal profile/Dia de los muertos mask and description
Grammar points: Indefinite articles, Adjectival agreement
Authentic and cultural material: Day of the Dead in Mexico, Christmas, New Year and Los Reyes Magos

2. Somos personas creativas

  • Higher numbers

  • Family members

  • Appearance and description

  • Personality

  • Where people live

  • Identification of shapes

  • Colours

  • Opinions of paintings

  • Prepositions

Project work: Picasso/Miro portraits
Grammar points: Possessive adjectives, irregular verbs, ser and estar
Authentic and cultural material: Picasso and Miro paintings, carnival in Cádiz

Proyecto Olímpico / de fútbol / de un país hispanico(Olympic Games, World Cup, Euro football, Spanish speaking country project)

Year 8

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

1. Mi ciudad - La Habana, Cuba/Bogota, Colombia- What there is/isn’t in your city and Spanish-speaking cities

  • Things to do in the city

  • In the cafe

  • Weekend Plans

  • Opinions on cities (Listening skills)

  • My life in Havana (Writing skills)

Project work:
Grammar points:
Authentic and cultural material:

1. ¿Todo sobre mi vida? Tecnologia / Entertainment - My life and my mobile phone

  • Opinions on music genres

  • Comedy programmes and types

  • What you did yesterday for entertainment

  • My guide (Reading Skills)

Project work:
Grammar points:
Authentic and cultural material:

1. ¡A Comer!- Saying what you would like to eat

  • At the table

  • Breakfast foods

  • Opinions on foods and - Spanish/Hispanic foods

  • In the restaurant

  • What are we going to buy?

  • Food shopping

  • ¡Fiesta! Party food

  • *How was the party? (Speaking skills)

Project work:
Grammar points:
Authentic and cultural material:

2. Mis vacaciones - Link to a Spanish / Hispanic person - Holiday types

  • What did you do last holiday

  • The last day

  • Opinions on holidays

  • Last summer (Speaking Skills)

Project work:
Grammar points:
Authentic and cultural material:

2. CARNIVAL project on South America cross-curricular with Music / RE (Combined with ‘¿Qué hacemos?’ module) - Would you like to go to… +carnival event - parade

Declining offers

  • What do you do to get ready?

  • What are you going to wear?

  • Sports matches and games

  • El baile de disfraces in Argentina - carnival masks

2. Operación verano- Types of home

  • What you can do in… + destinations

  • Where are they - Geography

Year 9

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

1. El ocio- Opinions and leisure preferences

  • My week - routines

  • Films

  • Special events

  • Fame and celebrity

  • A film review

  • ‘Switch off your mobiles’ - rules during performances

1. Derechos y obligaciones- Children of the world and children’s rights

  • Fair trade

  • Changing the world - what we should do as a society

  • Regeneration

  • A newspaper/diary - Reading Skills

  • Cuento de Hadas - The Grimm Tales (Writing skills)

1. La vida sana- How is your health?

  • Active lifestyles

  • Sport and training routines- How to keep fit

  • Illnesses

  • Proverbs (Reading skills)

  • Presentation (Speaking Skills)

2. Planes para el futuro- In the hotel

  • Future aspirations

  • Fortune telling - predicting the future

  • The importance of learning languages

  • A literary text/A theatrical play

  • Translation (Writing Skills)

2. *La tecnologia y las redes sociales*- Relationships

  • Technology

  • Social media

  • Community events

  • *The world and the environment

  • pollution prevention?*

2. Aventuras- Arriving in Spain

  • Tourist tour of Madrid

  • A treasure hunt

  • Buying souvenirs

  • Travel memories

  • Travel leaflets (Reading skills)

  • Travel survival skills (Speaking)