School Meals

Eating well together is a central part of the school day at HNS.

  • Students and staff eat lunch together
  • On tables of 6 or 7, students and staff members bring different parts of the meal to the table, family-style. We also clear up and prepare for the next sitting
  • No packed lunches are allowed to make sure that all students eat well, affordably

All meals are paid for in advance by parents or FSM entitlement. We do not discriminate between those who can and cannot afford to pay.

To see if you qualify for Free School Meals, please visit

We are changing the way parents pay for meals. Meals will no longer be paid for on Arbor, instead we will be using a service called SchoolMoney. For more information please refer to this letter.

As well as lunch, HNS provides breakfast from 7.30 to 7.55, a morning break snack of fruit, fresh water and afternoon tea of a light, warm snack such as soup or home-baked cookies. In addition students can purchase sandwiches and fruit juice during afternoon break.

Suggestion card
A ‘taste’ of the ways we have fun at lunchtime

Eating well together is very important to us. We want our lunchtimes to be an opportunity for discussion as well as getting together with friends and staff. We have chosen our caterers, Harrison Catering, very carefully because we want to provide our students with a range of tasty food options. It is fully understood that eating a healthy, balanced diet is important to your health and helps us do our best at work and school. However, our catering company aims to make food that’s not just good for you, but good fun!

Here are examples of our menus, which are on a three week rotation:

At times during the year chefs from Harrison Catering come into the classroom and teach us how to cook delicious, quick food from fresh ingredients.

…it’s not surprising that our cooking club is one of the most popular clubs we regularly run!