Pastoral Support, Careers Guidance and Raising Aspirations

At Hackney New Sixth Form, every student will be allocated a tutor group and your tutor will be your biggest support (together with your subject teachers) in the years that you spend in the Sixth Form.

Sixth form teacher teaching to his students

Each tutor group will be overseen by the Director of Sixth Form/Assistant Headteacher, who is there to offer further support and guidance. Hackney New School is already proud of its pastoral care system, combining discipline with compassion and fun. Our dedicated team will be on call to help when it is needed.

At Hackney New Sixth Form, the Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Programme is central to each student’s programme of study and progression throughout their two years in the Sixth Form. The CEIAG Programme is integrated into the Tutorial Programme for our students and is designed to match students’ academic progression and enhance their careers and higher education plans for the future.

The CEIAG Programme will include:

  • Structured careers lessons for all students
  • Pre-arranged individual careers interviews for all students
  • Internally and externally organised events
  • Careers workshops
  • Job search and interview skills training
  • Visiting speakers from relevant industries/businesses/professions
  • Meaningful and challenging Work Experience placements (WEX)
Students at Hackney New Sixth Form
Group discussion in the Sixth Form Common Room.

Students will be encouraged to participate in university course taster sessions and summer schools, in addition to go on university visits and open days. Sixth Form students will attend the annual UCAS Event held in London every March/April and this will be an excellent opportunity to engage with universities and find out the realities of undergraduate study. As a school we proactively seek partnerships with employers, training companies and universities to increase progression opportunities and valuable experiences for our students. Being so close to the Hoxton/Old Street tech ‘hub’, we intend to use this opportunity for the benefit of all our students. Students and staff will additionally work very closely with our partner providers ‘Mentoring Works’ and ‘Into University’ so that they access a broad range of potential Higher Education, apprenticeship and employment pathways.

At Hackney New Sixth Form, we believe in supporting our students to reach their full potential. We have a comprehensive programme to support you in your applications Oxford, Cambridge and the other leading Russell Group universities. Our Director of Sixth Form/Assistant Headteacher, has over 22 years experience of helping thousands of sixth form students gain access to the most elite British universities and even institutions abroad. This ‘Oxbridge Programme’ will include academic lectures and seminars, placements on university master classes and summer schools, in addition to visits to universities. We will use ‘The Core’ Programme as an additional vehicle to sharpen your intellectual curiosity, knowledge and powers of reasoning and encourage you to hone your debating skills. We are proud of our collective experience and know exactly what each student needs to develop in order to progress on to the Higher Education Institution, apprenticeship, degree apprenticeship or employment of his/her choice.