HNS in Hackney

Hackney New School is developing as a central hub for a wide range of activities available to the entire Hackney community.

The school is making it a priority to interact with and benefit the local community and in this way provides a home away from home for parents and students alike. Some of the initiatives to bring this vision to life are:

  • Partnership programs with a wide range of private and public sector organisations, including companies, arts groups, universities, international schools, sports clubs, local community groups, etc
  • Creative collaborations with other local schools (orchestra, choir, drama) leading to public performances
  • A summer school to provide additional educational programs, community development initiatives and adult learning activities
  • Outreach programs where HNS pupils get involved in community activities as volunteers
  • The HNS Wellbeing Centre as a centre for children with emotional or behavioural difficulties. The Wellbeing Centre is intended to become available to all children across the borough and will be located on in the restored Wharf Master’s House on Kingsland Road.