Key Stage 4

Years 10-11 / age 14-16

At Key Stage 4 the main focus will be on preparing students for the English Baccalaureate which will comprise six GCSEs, including English language and literature, mathematics, two sciences, one humanity and one MFL.

In addition, we will encourage all students to take a GCSE in music and choose two other subjects from a pool of options including one additional humanity, advanced maths/statistics, one additional science (so that together with the two E-Bacc sciences students can take all three sciences at GCSE), religious education, art and one additional MFL.

All Key Stage 4 pupils will participate in a program called ‘The Core’‚ an inter-disciplinary course that will focus on the central questions that have occupied humanity since its beginning, divided into three parts – civilisation, literature and scientific enquiry. This course will be delivered through 1-2 weekly sessions and involve projects, written work and oral debate.

Physical education will continue to be compulsory throughout Key Stage 4.