More Staff

Heads of Years

Brian McGowan – Year 11

Betty Barnes – Year 10

Rabea Begum – Year 9

James Davies – Year 8

Hannah Notowitz – Year 7


Head of Department – Katherine Figueira

Teacher of History – Francis Simon Klemencic


Head of Department – Francisco Diaz

Teacher of MFL – Cheryl Woodman

Teacher of MFL – Florence Nedey


Head of Department – Zelda Marshall

Teacher of Music – John Thompson

Teacher of Music – Alec Haylor


Head of Department – Jacklyn Smith

Teacher of English – Betty Barnes

Teacher of English – Nicole Prowd

Teacher of English – Anke Peetermans

Teacher of English – Virginia Doma

EAL Coordinator – Agnieszka Nigam

Trainee Teacher – Gboyega Odubanjo


Head of Department – Michael Boateng

Second in Science – Stuart Bond

Teacher of Science – Neville Hanson

Teacher of  Science – Amy Flynn

Teacher of  Science  – Jasmine Barakat

Science Technician – Hadrien Hadife

Science Technician – Evelina Carcea


Head of Department – Letty Newton

Second in Maths – Luan Nguyen

Teacher of Maths – Janvier Mbogol

Teacher of Maths – Veronique Pudifin- Laverty

Teacher of Maths – Mohammud Boodhoo

Teacher of Maths – Ismail Yusuf


Head of Department – Steve Darragh

Second in PE – Rabea Begum

Teacher of PE – Remi Romeo Guei

Teacher of PE – James Davies


Head of Department – Rathish Ramlall

Teacher of Geography – Rohan Kuriyan


Head of Department – Olabisi Ikuomola-Andre

Second in Art – Yvonne Jordan

Core and Religious Studies

Head of Department – Martin Scott

Teacher of Core – Gromyko Dumuje

Teacher of Core – Kathleen Black

External Agency Liaison Officer 

Laura Purcell

Cover Supervisor

Jez King

Learning Support

LSA – Renee Corbin

LSA – Samuel Tsang

LSA – Lima Begum

LSA – Tasrin Hussain

LSA – Mubashera Pathan


Administrator – Helen Merton

Receptionist – Paulette Collymore

Human Resources

HR Administrator – Caitlin Hynes


IT Technician – Emil Lakov


Finance Officer – Akberet Habtay

Head of Student Services

Shahidul Alom


Librarian – Jo De Guia

Librarian – Fiona McAuslan


Midday Meal Supervisor – Barbara Welch