The School Day

The school day at HNS  starts with breakfast at 07.30 for those who like to have breakfast at school; otherwise, students arrive at 8am for the first lesson. You can look at our Curriculum in more detail here.

We divide the school day into a “Teaching Morning” and a “Study Afternoon”, and this works as follows:

  • Teaching Morning: We have 5-6 50-minute lessons in the morning with breaks in between until lunch at 1.25-2.25pm. Students have their own classrooms with their own desks, and teachers move from classroom to classroom for each lesson, except when students clearly have to go to dedicated rooms with special equipment - e.g. music, science and PE.
  • Lunch and Break: Before, or after, lunch, students have reading time followed by activities in teacher-led clubs from 2.30-3.15pm. These are used primarily for sport and other forms of exercise such as yoga or dance, which are in addition to 3-4 weekly PE classes which take place during the standard Teaching Morning; during this time, students have the opportunity to meet with their tutor or mentor.
  • Study Afternoon: From 3.15pm until 5-6pm children study, do their homework, have music practice lessons and engage in various enrichment activities. The idea is to use this time for practice, thinking and revision. Children do not sit at a desk all the time – the afternoon is broken up into various units of activity to keep everyone engaged, motivated and interested. For instance, our "Core” programme of debate will take place during the "Study Afternoon". We also use this time for tutorial groups, house activities and personalised learning sessions.

Our current students are enjoying and responding to this "long day" because it is providing structure, an opportunity to learn from each other, and  time to practice and learn (as well as plenty of time to do sports). By the time they leave for the day, their work is done and they can enjoy the evening with their family and friends.


School Term and Holiday Dates for 2014/15

Autumn Term 2014

Friday 5th September - Friday 19th December

Half term Monday 27th October - Friday 31st October  


Spring Term 2015

Monday 5th January – Friday 27th March

Half term Monday 16th Febuary - Friday 20th Febuary


Summer Term 2015

Monday 13th April – Wednesday 22nd July

Half term    Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May


There will be some additional inset days to follow of which we will advise you during the school year.

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