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Please note that if you wish to apply to Hackney New School during the academic year you should contact Colette Corbin in the school office on 0207 617 7181.

HNS is a state-funded, co-educational, mainstream school. The Published Admissions Number (“PAN”) for HNS in 2015/16 is 100 students.

As a specialist music school, we select up to 10% of our students based on their musical aptitude. Children will not need to have prior musical or instrumental experience. Parents who would like their children to be considered for a place based on musical aptitude should indicate this on their application form and we will then invite their children to take a musical aptitude test. This will be taken in parallel with the cognitive ability tests used for Hackney New School’s banded admissions arrangements which are designed to ensure a balanced representation of pupils of different abilities at Year 7 (taking 25% of students from each of 4 bands of results). You will be able to complete the Hackney New School application form at the same time as you will be completing your home Local Authority common application form.

Admission by band

Our aim is to ensure that HNS’s intake of pupils includes an appropriate spread of children of different abilities. HNS will apply the following banding policies:
1. Children will be allocated into one of four groups depending on their performance in the CAT test.
2. Children with SEN, looked-after children or those with outstanding musical aptitude will be selected first into each band
3. Any excess applications in each band will be dealt with in accordance with the oversubscription policies set out below.
4. In the event that there are fewer than 25% of applicants in any one band (i.e. 25 minus those places already allocated to SEN and music specialist students), applicants will be chosen from the bands above and below in equal measure where this is possible.

Oversubscription and Tie break Criteria

In the case of oversubscription, places will be allocated to children within each band after places have been allocated to pupils with SEN statements naming the Hackney New School, looked-after children or those who have shown musical aptitude, who have or are:
1. Children of the founding members of the HNS trust
2. Children with a social or medical need. In order to be considered under this criterion applicants must produce a supporting report from either a Senior Social Worker or medical practitioner setting out why HNS is the appropriate school for this student. 
3. Siblings 
4. Distance from HNS as measured in a straight line from the gates of the school to the door of the child’s home as measure by the GIS. The reference point will be the entrance to the existing build, 1 Downham Road, N1 5AA. 

In the event of a tie-break between two or more applications after applying the first 4 over-subscription criteria, the Admissions Authority will prioritise according to Criteria 4, i.e. distance to the school.

In the case of under-subscription in one band, applicants will be taken equally from the bands either side where possible, according to the criteria above.

The full admissions policy for 2015 entry is here.

Music Aptitude Tests November 22nd 2014

Hackney New School, with our music partners Hackney Music Development Trust, have designed a process that offers the fairest assessment of all students, those who have not yet benefited from formal musical training and those who have. The process is structured in such a way as to enable the fairest possible evaluation of the musical potential of each student. The students are assessed by a team of 3 professional assessors. 

Click here to apply for the Music Aptitude Test

Stage 1: Group Exercise
A 90 minute group activity during which each student is individually assessed on a series of graded tasks testing key rhythmic, lyrical, compositional and creative skills. Starting with a warm-up, students are taken through a series of activities which rigorously tests their musical skills, talents and abilities in both a group and individual context. These exercises enable talented individuals with no musical training to excel as well as those who have already begun learning instruments and music theory thus ensuring a fair and thorough approach for everyone. This approach breaks down barriers and tests the students’ ability to communicate, develop, learn and invest in their musical learning and performance skills as well as being enjoyable and stimulating, thus assisting each student to shine whilst revealing true talent. Assessors mark each activity to a standardized format.

Stage 2: Individual Performance                 
Each student  performs a short piece (no more than 3 minutes) for individual assessment
·      Students choose to perform on instrument or voice
·      Those who have not prepared in advance will work with the activity leaders to prepare a piece so that they are not excluded from the individual audition process.

2015 Entry

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Child playing flute
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