2015 Entry

Admissions Process

For 2015 entry, applications can be made via the Pan London Admissions Website. This can be found at www.eadmissions.org.uk and is the route through which all students, regardless of their home borough, should apply for places. 

Music Selection Process

Please cllick here to register here for the music aptitude test

Musical selection takes place on our Music Audition Day. Parents can select to be considered via the school website on the '2015 Entry' page, or by contacting the school by phone. An invitation for testing will only be arranged if Hackney New School is named as a preference on the home local authority common application form.

Music Audition Day for 2015 entry will be 22nd November 2014. Your child will be required to attend for the entire morning or entire afternoon.

Our music audition is designed to achieve the fairest assessment of the musical potential of all students, those who have not yet benefited from formal musical training and those who have. The process is a 90 minute group workshop during which students are taken through a series of activities which rigorously test their musical skills, talents and abilities in both a group and individual context. This approach breaks down barriers and test students’ ability to communicate, develop, learn and invest in their musical learning and performance skills as well as being enjoyable and stimulating, thus assisting each student to shine whilst revealing true talent. This is followed by a solo audition. Each student will perform a short piece (no more than 3 minutes) for individual assessment. Students can choose to perform on instrument or voice. Some students will have prepared a short piece in advance. Those who have not prepared in advance will work with the activity leaders to prepare a piece so that they are not excluded from the individual audition process. This second process will ensure that those who have received some formal training are able to demonstrate their skills, whilst those with little or no formal training can reveal their natural gifts. The students will be assessed by a team of 3 professional assessors.


2015 Entry

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