HNS has a focus on personalised learning and ensures flexibility in the curriculum to allow for this. Students with additional educational needs receive extra provision where needed and their progress against individualised targets is regularly monitored and shared with parents. In addition we ‘back-plan’ all subjects from A grade at A-level all the way to year 7 to ensure our students gain the necessary skills to get on track for success from an early age.

Central elements of our curriculum are:-

Key Stage 3 (years 7-9 / age 11-14)

For the first three years, pupils are taught a broad academic programme, including:-

Mathematics which is taught daily
English language and literature
Science: biology, chemistry, physics
• Modern languages: two foreign languages (French and Spanish) commence in year 7
Music: students have the opportunity to play an instrument and study musical theory and composition from year 7, supervised by dedicated tutors

In addition, we teach a range of other subjects, including history, geography, physical education, art and ICT as part of a diverse educational program. As an introduction to 'The Core' at KS4, HNS teaches “The Core Light” at KS3, which includes religious education and citizenship.

Key Stage 3 Level Ladders

HNS uses level ladders to provide examples of questions that could be asked, or knowledge that should be understood, at different curriculum levels. Parents/carers can use these level ladders to obtain an overview of what their child is studying each term and to check their understanding of different topics by encouraging their child to exlain how they would solve certain problems or by quizing them on certain facts. Please follow the subject links to view the level ladders for the year 7 and 8 courses this term: Mathematics (year 7, year 8); English (year 7, year 8); Science (year 7, year 8); Music (year 7, year 8); Core; French (year 7, year 8); Spanish (year 7, year 8); humanities (year 7, year 8); Physical Education (year 7, year 8); Art (year 7, year 8).

Key Stage 4 (years 10-11 / age 14-16)

At KS4 the main focus will be on preparing students for the English Baccalaureate which will comprise six GCSEs, including English language & literature, mathematics, two sciences, one humanity and one MFL. In addition, it is intended that all students will take a GCSE in music and choose two other subjects from a pool of options including one additional humanity, advanced maths/statistics, one additional science (so that together with the two E-Bacc sciences students can take all three sciences at GCSE), RE, Art and one additional MFL.

All Key Stage 4 pupils will participate in a program called 'The Core'‚ an inter-disciplinary course that will focus on the central questions that have occupied humanity since its beginning, divided into three parts – civilisation, literature and scientific enquiry. This course will be delivered through 1-2 weekly sessions and involve projects, written work and oral debate.
PE will continue to be compulsory throughout Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 5 (years 12-13 / age 17-19)

The timetable has been planned with the intention that students will take 5 A/AS level subjects, and carry out an extended AS Level project in a topic of their choice and related to their desired university degree course. Students will also receive three sessions per week in “university skills” which will introduce them to life at, and the particular demands and expectations of, universities. 'The Core' will be taught for two lessons per week for those students taking relevant subjects at A/AS level. Some students with particular specialisations at A/AS level will be able to swap 'The Core' for an additional lesson in their special subjects (for instance, if a student takes two MFLs at A/AS level).

The 'Study Afternoons' will provide more time for revision and study, including time for the extended project as well as special tutorial sessions to prepare each student for A/AS level exams in line with their PLP.

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