Our Focus on Music

Music and musical education are at the heart of Hackney New School

What we will do

  • We plan that every pupil at HNS will take a GCSE in music
  • Every pupil has the opportunity to learn an instrument / vocal skills
  • Multiple music and practice lessons every week (jazz, classical, folk, song-writing, a capella, etc)
  • Participation in large-scale school and community productions
  • School choir

Why we are doing it

  • Music education is hugely supportive of our Core Vision
  • Rewards individual effort and teamwork
  • Creates confidence
  • Teaches focus and concentration
  • Enriches students’ lives with a large cultural heritage



We have established a partnership with HMDT Music to deliver our music curriculum, prepare music performances and provide teaching expertise. HMDT Music is an award-winning charity that creates inspiring music projects encompassing a broad range of musical traditions.

With HMDT Music we:

  • Work on new performance works that it commissions and link them to the curriculum
  • Offer a range of training opportunities and workshops
  • Work with outstanding artists to create great art


2015 Entry

HackneyNew Primary
Child playing flute
Our vision for Hackney New School is to provide students with access to the widest range of opportunities in life by fostering academic excellence and instilling self-belief, intellectual curiosity and responsibility towards others in society.

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