The School Day

The school day at HNS starts with breakfast at 07.30 for those who like to have breakfast at school; otherwise, students arrive by 7:55am for line up followed by registration. You can look at our Curriculum in more detail.

Sample timetable



BREAKFAST CLUB – 7.30 – 8.00


8.00 – 8.20


8.25 – 9.15

Lesson 1

9.20 – 10.10

Lesson 2

BREAK – 10.20 – 10.35


10.30 – 11.25

Lesson 3

11.25 – 12.20

Lesson 4

12.20 – 13.05

KS3 Lunch + Break

12.20 – 13.15

Lesson 5

13.15 – 13.55

KS3 Reading + prep

13.15 – 13.55

KS4 Lunch + Break

14.00 – 14.50

Lesson 5

14.00 – 14.50

Lesson 6

14.50 – 15.45

Lesson 6

14.50 – 15.45

Lesson 7

15.45 – 16.00


16.00 – 17.30



  • Teaching Day: We have seven lessons during the day with movement breaks in between until staggered lunches from 12.20-13.55. Morning break of 25 minutes enables students to fill their water bottles, eat fresh fruit, spend time outside, play table tennis, practise their musical instruments or use their Chromebooks. 
  • Lunch and Break: Fresh fruit is served to all pupils at break. At lunch, pupils enjoy family-style dining and the opportunity to converse over their meal. 
  • Study Afternoon: From 4pm until 5/5:30pm pupils study, do their homework, have individual and small group music lessons and engage in various Enrichment and Intervention activities. The idea is to use this time for practice, thinking and revision. Children do not sit at a desk all the time – the afternoon is broken up into various units of activity to keep everyone engaged, motivated and interested. We also use this time for mentoring and personalised learning sessions. 

Our current students are enjoying and responding to our extended day because it is providing structure, an opportunity to learn from each other, and time to practice and learn (as well as plenty of time to do sports). By the time the students leave for the day their work is done and they can enjoy the evening with their family.

playing music

At HNS we celebrate talent and encourage our students to develop their interests in a range of activities. We have pupils who are training with professional sports clubs, playing in borough and national orchestras, acting in professional productions and singing in a variety of choirs. Where a student is really committed to an activity, and is supported by parents or carers, we will agree an earlier release time from school as long as the student is performing well in school both academically and behaviourally.