The School Day

The School Day

Arrive to school and line up: Gates close at 8:20am 

P1: 8:30am – 9:20 am 

P2: 9:20am – 10:10am 

Break and line up: 10:10am – 10:30am 

P3: 10:30am – 11:20am 

P4: 11:20am – 12:10pm 

Lunch and line up: 12:10pm – 1:10pm 

P5: 1:10pm – 2pm

P6: 2pm – 2:50pm 

P7: 2:50pm – 3:40pm

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Start of lesson

  • Lessons start on time
  • Students are greeted at the door by their teacher
  • Teachers check uniform and students enter class immediately
  • Students sit according to the teacher’s seating plan
  • Students will usually be sitting in rows
  • Students must come in and complete the starter activity immediately
  • Students ensure they have the correct equipment on their desk
  • Students’ belongings should be placed on the back of their chair
  • Teachers will follow the HNS routine for handing out equipment
  • Students put their completed homework out on their desk on the correct day
  • Students will  ‘SLANT’ when their teacher or another person is talking

S Sit up/stand up straight

L Listen

A Ask/answer questions

N Never interrupt 

T Track the speaker

During the lesson

  • The teacher uses ‘reminder, warning and sanction’ when required
  • Teachers award merits for good effort. These are recorded by a nominated student in the reward book
  • The DPR is displayed to review learning
  • The DPR is displayed to review assignment expectations
  • A memory task is used to strengthen memory recall
  • Students are asked questions by the teacher. The teacher uses ‘pose, pause, pounce’ to direct questioning. Students must attempt an answer
  • Teachers use modelling to help students know what to do
  • Instructions are clear and effective by the teacher
  • Students are expected to do extended writing or equivalent in every lesson
  • Students must attempt all work. Teachers will ensure it is differentiated for those who need more support or who need stretching 
  • Students must raise their hand if they need support or wish to speak
  • Teachers will circulate to live mark students’ work
  • There will be opportunities for ‘fix-it time’ where students improve their work with green pen
  • Students must not get out of their seat without permission. They must raise their hand to ask.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the room except in very exceptional circumstances. This will be with a note
  • Students should adopt a professional posture at all times. They should not slump on their desks
  • Students should not bring out any equipment or belongings not required by the teacher for the lesson
  • Students should not call out, speak to others or make a noise without teacher permission
  • Teachers check homework and set homework if relevant


End of lessons

  • Teachers indicate when it is time to end the lesson. This will usually be 3 minutes before the bell
  • Students pack away and give back resources using the HNS routine
  • Students stand behind their desk
  • Students SLANT
  • Teacher uses ‘pose, pause, pounce’ to check student understanding of key objectives
  • Teacher awards golden ticket to one student
  • Teacher stands at door and dismisses in rows
  • Students move directly to their destination

Break and Lunchtimes


  • Breaktime is 15 minutes
  • Students should use this time to use the toilet, get water, purchase a snack if required
  • Snacks will be available from the canteen. It will be something light that can be consumed in the time allotted
  • Students should queue at the toilets on the floor closest to their last class. A member of staff will be supervising the toilets
  • All students should queue up in their line up spot at the end of break at the bell in the playground 
  • Students should be in a single file, straight line and silent
  • A member of staff will dismiss students according to their teacher’s name
  • Students should follow their teacher to their class on the left, single file and quietly

Lunchtimes – School Meals

  • All students are required to have a school lunch
  • Parents should top up money for lunch using schoolmoney.  Log on details are available from
  • Students who are entitled to free school meals will be automatically topped up on schoolmoney.
  • School lunches cost £2.80 per day. There is now a choice of lunch options. Please top up at least weekly
  • All students, including students entitled to a free school meal, who wish to purchase a break time snack should top up using parentpay. This will be £1 per day.
  • Any student who does not have sufficient funds can be issued with a lunch pass. They should see their student manager for this. Student managers will attempt to contact parents to inform them a pass has been issued. Parents are expected to top up funds, including payment of the lunch pass within 24 hours.  Any parent who has a problem paying for school lunches should contact the Family Support Worker to discuss it
  • Each day there will be three options of food, catering for all dietary requirements
  • If a student has allergies or intolerances, their parent or carer should contact the Family Support Worker to discuss them and provide any medical evidence. An appointment will be set up with the chef for parents to discuss where relevant

Library opening hours

 Day Hours
 Monday 9.30am-5.15pm
 Tuesday 9:10am-5:10pm
 Wednesday 8am-5:15pm
 Thursday 10am-5pm
 Friday 8.15am-3.45pm