How we are Governed

The board of trustees of Hackney New School Limited (HNSL) is responsible for the strategic oversight of the multi-academy trust. This role has three main elements:

  1. Ensuring that the vision and strategic direction of HNS and HNPS are clear and pursued consistently by everyone who works at the school;
  2. Working with the headteacher to monitor educational performance at HNS and HNPS, and the performance management of staff;
  3. Monitoring the financial performance of the trust and making sure its funds are well spent.

The board’s responsibilities are in many ways similar to those of other maintained schools and its functions are set out in the same statutory instrument that all state schools are bound by (The School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013). The main difference to maintained schools is that HNSL board, like that of other academies and free schools, is the admissions authority for HNS and HNPS and the employer of all staff at both schools.

All trustees, except the headteacher, are appointed for a period of four years. Provided they remain eligible they can be re-elected at that point. The board generally meets at least four times per year. In order to discharge its responsibilities most effectively, the board has constituted three sub-committees – the HNS Committee, HNPS Committee and a Finance & General Purposes Committee. While these committees have primary members, all trustees can attend meetings of the committees. Committee meetings generally take place 7-10 days prior to board meetings.

List of Trustees

  1. Simon Elliott – CEO, Community Schools Trust
  2. Lawrence Foley** – Executive Principal, Bobby Moore Academy
  3. Anton Francic – Education Advisor, Hackney Learning Trust
  4. Rebekah Iiyambo – CEO, Eko Trust
  5. Philippa King – Fundraising consultant and Chair of Eko Trust
  6. Carmen Rodney – Education consultant and trustee of Eko Trust
  7. Anthony Scawthorn – Financial Services Director  and trustee of Community Schools Trust
  8. Penny Swain – Operations Director
  9. Andrew Taffs – Chartered Accountant
  10. Jan Tallis* – Governance consultant and Chair of Community Schools Trust
  11. Lesley Webb – retired teacher
  12. Ian Wilson – Headteacher, Little Ilford School

* Chair of HNSL Trustees

** Vice Chair of HNSL Trustees